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Over 100 different meal replacement shakes and energizing teas In Greeley, CO!

At Simple Nutrition, we’re dedicated to goodness in every sip. Fuel up at the start of the day or rejuvenate with us at the end!

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Get yourself going with the good stuff!

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Good nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and satisfying life, regardless of your age. Regardless of your life phase, our Specialized Nutrition offerings provide the perfect blend of vital nutrients to support your lifelong well-being. Overcome the midday fatigue or enhance your exercise routine to promote your vibrant and active way of life using our selection of Energy & Fitness beverages and products. Select from our extensive range of performance nutrition options, invigorating and hydrating teas, beverages, and shakes to acquire the energy and replenishment you require.

Amazing drinks taste super yummy. The owner is super nice and welcoming I love coming here every other day of the week to get my favorite tea. I am a diabetic and these drinks don’t have sugar it’s a nice alternative for someone who wants to stay healthy and wants a flavorful drink. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!
-Dedrick M
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